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China Southern Airlines has more than one person to upgrade its product exp


The seat is too narrow, the neighboring seat is too noisy, the long-distance flight is sitting on the back, the leg hurts, the buttocks hurt, and these painful aircraft economy class experience may have solutions other than expensive business class. Recently, China Southern Airlines launched a new service of "one person and many seats" in economy class. Passengers on international and regional routes can purchase up to 3 seats. The cost of the seat is priced according to the length of the voyage, and the minimum cost is 250 yuan.It is understood that the target customers of China Southern's "One Person, Multiple Blocks" service are burly sturdy, passengers travelling with children, and passengers who love to be clean and undisturbed.Lin Zhijie, an expert on civil aviation resource network, said that the current personalized demand of the public is getting stronger and stronger, and the civil aviation industry basically can only provide a single popular service, which is difficult to meet such needs. There are many people in the country before, but mainly used for the transport of large-sized luggage such as cello and golf clubs. Later, Xiangpeng Airlines began to try. Nowadays, we can not only use the spare seats of the flight to generate income, but also meet the individual needs of the passengers.
Qi Qi, an expert on civil aviation resource network, pointed out that this is another innovative product of China Southern Airlines in supporting services, which can be understood as a disguised innovation in the selection of fees. It was originally based on the choice of the front and rear distance of a seat, such as the first row of economy class and the emergency exit position, while the number of seats for one person was chosen at the left and right distance.Qi Qi said that paying more seats also provides a reasonable and compliant solution for some passengers on the international route to deliberately occupy the adjacent seats. If you have more seats, you will have to pay extra.Wang Jiangmin, an expert on civil aviation resource network, said that the airline’s comprehensive launch of “one person and one seat” for passengers is indeed a new sales activity, and the price is also acceptable to the average passenger. For the passengers in need, it is indeed a positive. In the past, such a multi-seat service not only reduced the fare, but also targeted special passengers or placed special baggage for diplomatic envoys. The liberalization of this service, on the one hand, is now increasing the stability of the aircraft. On the other hand, there is indeed such a demand in the market. For example, in addition to increasing comfort, there are elderly people, children who need care, or some passengers are willing to Being disturbed by others, etc. Such services provide opportunities for these people to choose. Passengers in need can get such "spacious" services, and paying is the best guarantee.
At present, passengers can only purchase China Southern Airlines' "one-person multi-seat" through the airport counter; moreover, the "one-person multi-seat" service will be on-site for sale after the flight is completed, and will not affect the rest of the passengers' normal seat selection; there is no additional hand baggage for this service. Amount, no extra meals and other services.Lin Zhijie said that in the specific product design, the future hopes to enhance the product experience. In order not to crowd out the passengers' seats, China Southern Airlines is currently only allowed to purchase through the airport counter after the flight check-in is completed, which is not particularly convenient. The future should allow passengers to buy in advance and buy more conveniently. For example, comparing the reservations three days before the flight departure, it is more convenient to make the passengers buy more conveniently under the premise of ensuring that they do not “make up” the seats.
Qi Qi said that industry executives should further relax domestic market management and adopt a negative list approach to encourage the airlines to carry out complementary service innovations in the domestic market, revitalize existing stock resources and provide on-demand services for passengers. China Southern's series of initiatives in the field of service innovation deserve more follow-up and follow-up by the domestic aviation department.It is understood that China Southern Airlines is not the first airline to launch such services. In 2018, Xiangpeng Airlines launched a "multiple-seat" product. With one person and one seat, passengers can purchase more extra seats and enjoy more spacious and more private space.Air New Zealand launched the "air sofa" product, the three rows of armrests in the same row are foldable, and the foot pads can be raised and fixed to form a sofa. This product is favored by travelers such as couples and family members.

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